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Our expert team handles every detail to ensure your event runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create an experience that your guests will cherish forever

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Best Wedding DJs in New Jersey. Regardless of the event, our skilled and vibrant DJs know how to keep the dance floor packed! Since music is our passion, we strive to keep the energy levels up by playing the best hits and songs that are meaningful to our clients.

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Have you ever enjoyed the collage of love, music, and lighting on the eve of your big day? Just affirm the glimpse of sensing the fingers of your platonic partner and impulsing the rhythm of your heart to your boots and hands under the prowess of bright colors. Our professionals redeem their faith in ornamenting your love with colors. 



Don't let your guest miss out on the elation of your big day. LED video walls have profound relevance for giving the spotlight to attractive captures and moments of the event. Imagine the live display of the party where you dance and reeve the shoulders of your friends to go round with your steps. 

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The most attractive and eye-catchy prospect of our service is decorating your event into its finest. It's not about the cliched repetitive form of hanging decors or floral arrangements that you witnessed at any event. Our proficiency in the industry has led to the innovation of various creative ideas to craft them to attract the likes of your guests.

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With the starlight dance floor (Black/White), we facilitate you to embrace the divine charm of your soulmate to kiss your love, no doubt you get manifested a very special moment to reeve the hands of your love, and take your steps close to them to dance and celebrate your love. We facilitate both white and black floors to make up the prospects of your big day.

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The roar of the rhythm from God’s own country is a treat to experience. Chendamelam is the art of music that is widely celebrated in Kerala. The wild symphony has the prowess to unleash the emotions to make your day vibrant. Step on your big day with the rhythm of Kochuveettil beats, the Chendamelam crew blows the horns of festivity.

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Live streaming facilities have a profound relevance due to the constraints regarding the pandemic. With our service wherever the wedding destination is, in case your guests could gather around the function with their wishes, we facilitate you our live streaming service of various social media platforms. Live streaming has diverse benefits in wedding events today.



The wedding video should be treasured with beautiful memories that you can relish your emotions in each of your revisits together. The mastery of our professionals captures the festivity of your love with stunning frames, conspicuous shots, editing and we craft each video with profound quality.

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Our 360 Video Booth is the next generation of Photo Booths. We provide a live and interactive experience for you and your guests. Step onto our platform that fits up to 3 people, strike your best pose or be as creative as you like and leave the rest to us. Simply Smile, Shoot & Share to your social media.



Let your guests shine their sights and their senses gratify the colors and fragrance of the flower petals. As a major part of your decor flowers are indispensable to ornament the grace of the event. Imagine stepping into your big day where the aroma and peek of the flowers welcome your guests with delight.

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Get yourself moved in class! Ever imagined your arrival and departure at your wedding event? Intrigue your guests in fashion with your arrival at the event in exotic cars. The luxury services make your entry royale into the event that gives a smile to your love interest. Luxury cars peak in exclusiveness and elegance when appealing for wedding transportation.



Our package is perfect for those who have a clear vision for their event and are looking for assistance to add the finishing touches. Our coordinators will be dedicated to help you finalize details regarding vendors and scheduling so that your event is stress-free and just what you need on the day of!



Who else doesn't like to capture the best colorful fun photographs of their event? Our photo booth service delivers photographs with the prowess of grace and vibrancy with our creative outputs. Our professionals consider the photo booth as the finest way to form your wedding photoshoot in a remarkable way.

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The dreams of your wedding summons you since the moment you lock your eyes with your platonic love. It reflects the sensuous eyes to embrace the manifestation of the moment where you tie the knot to reeve your hand to their to walk proudly in the event. The moments intrigue you in your dreamland we get manifested to you in reality.



Limousines and Party Buses are ascribed with the value of adding uniqueness to your big event. It helps the bride and groom to move together to their different wedding venues with comfort and summons their family and bridal party members.With each of our prospects, you and the guests get their comfort in transportation and habitually. So let’s redeem the expectations of each of our services.

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We make your ears heed the song of exhilaration and the valor of bond with the prowess of high definition and sound clarity. Yes! It is coated with a traditional essence to appeal to communication with the gatherings of your event.



The dichotomy of services metaphors the melting of two souls with the blend of their initials. Our experts will design it with adroit that will stay lingered to the bottom of your heart eternally. In an initial way, we acquaint your interests and appreciate them to mold the letters of your desire.

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We worth our word with the efficacy of our responsibility by crafting the event with its breath with impulse similar to a club, With your acquaintance to our crew just consider you got your manifestation ticket which you have affirmed since the day you met your love. Gather, celebrate and love with the vibrant of your colors.


With Masato, you get startled with our expertise in DJs, lighting, dhol, etc, however, did you ever have an impression to hop the floor with your platonic interest between ice and fog on your wedding day? Yes, you heeded correctly. We have everything to make your first dance to mark in your memoir forever

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Every wedding function is incomplete with the gracious showering of blessings in the form of Confetti. The moment where step with reeving hands of your love, the guests drizzle the specks of confetti on the couples, a symbolism of blessings. You may be unaware but confetti is enriched with a tradition since the middle ages.

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Get your larger-than-life friend at your wedding event. Yes! Ever thought of rejoicing your big day with a techie friend? With Masato events, the vibe of your party gets its peak with the fun of our LED robot. Let your guests romp their feet with the LED robot who is the ultimate showstopper of your event.

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Impulse the romantic sparkles surge the metaphor to your love. We never miss a chance to ornament the beauty of the event and with our clench of Cold sparkles, we keep on our faith. Spewed from the cold spark machine a fountain of sparkles will rise to chatter each other, they are safe and are never prone to fire.



Wedding events today are prone to access the service of Projectors and screens to entertain the guest at their events. Projectors are acquainted with us since our school days, but this ‘old school’ technology took its renovation at the wedding event with our creative ideas.

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The Mandap is treasured with cultural tradition and is the major part of wedding decorations, where you walk around the fire altar to purify the entities for your new life. The sanctum sanctorum of the wedding rituals with the accompany of your loved ones worship the five elements in the Mandap.

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The prominent apparatus to ornament the grace of your day is ordained by our LED uplighting. We don’t let you bother with the constraints regarding your event destination, as wherever your affirmation is, the wireless LED uplighting makes sure you reeve the hands of your platonic interest in an alliance to its flicker.

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The whack of the wickers cane to the dagga with the clench of Punjabi tradition impulses the festivity of your wedding. No plans without the essence of our culture, the best Dhol players at wedding events swag their arms to a live performance that involves your hearts and energy to redeem the celebration of love.

Best Indian wedding Dj New Jersey


Make your guests connected to the event. With the appliance of our LED TV screens at your event, your guest gets fulfilled with the colors of the event to its adroit. A large number of your friends and family get their sights delighted with the profound clarity of the occurrences of the event.

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The valor of intelligent lighting is signified with varied color flickers that move around to cultivate energy and vibrancy at your wedding event. The moving lights flash the collage of color palettes to impulse the mood of your guest to shake their boots with the flutter of joy.

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The frozen liquid Co2 with spurting smoke from the Co2 Gun delivers the complexion of joy, prosperity, and adoration. Don’t be skeptical about the constitutes in the smoke, it starts fading after seconds of stopping spraying and is safe to inhale it. The Co2 tank in alliance with the grace of the DJ is the best cocktail you gift your guests.

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Masato Events provides flexible options for stage rental. We offer staging for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as delivery, set-up and breakdown services. Rent a stage for live performance, Concert, Wedding, Birthday party, Private events, etc